Dual Disaster

Our students and their communities are being hit with Covid-19 and horrendous flooding.  Many have lost their homes this past week and were already struggling with food shortages.  We need your help to get them supplies to build shelter and for food.  We also have our 3 acres in Mbuguni that is fairly dry so we can purchase tents and portable toilets to provide temporary housing if needed. The community knows and trusts the leaders of Next Life Foundation so we’re in an ideal position to be the hands of Christ.

All donations will go directly to the people in need.  Laurence and our directors are already delivering food to our students and their communities but we’ve emptied Next Life’s bank account for this disaster so we need your help.  God will provide but he uses His people to make that provision.  Is He asking you to help with a large amount of money?  Can you give generously? 


Flooding in the Mbuguni area

For the past seven months it has been raining in northern Tanzania.  When Patti left the area the beginning of February roads were starting to wash away and the rainy season hadn’t even started yet. People were claiming they had never seen such weather previously.  Well, Thursday night the torrential rain in the Mbuguni area washed away homes and decimated others.  Executive staff of Next Life were already making plans to get food to our students, their families and others in Shambarai where the majority of our students live.  Now, Shambarai is in horrible shape and parts of Mbuguni are looking terrible also.  The situation is cataclysmic.  We’re reaching out to individuals and other Christian organizations to partner with us to provide food and help build shelters.  Many families are living outside with no shelter and nothing to cover themselves with.  If you’re able to help financally you can contribute on the donate page or send a check to Next Life Foundation 2106 Tarzan St. Okoboji, IA  52355.  Jesus just asked for a few fish and a few loaves of bread and he multiplied it to satisfy many.  The dollars donated will allow Christ to multiply it to help many and make His name known.  Please pray that through these tough times throughout the world Christ will be known by many.

Rubble where a home stood
Laurence with a mama and her child checking out her collapsed home

Suspension of Classes

Some of our tailoring students singing in January

The end of March, Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, cancelled all school classes for 30 days and since, has prolonged that ruling indefinitely.  Therefore, Next Life is not meeting for class until further notice.  But as you read above, we are still trying to support our students.

Also, at the end of March, the government suspended all international flights.  Northern Tanzania depends on tourism with Mt Kilimanjaro, and many national parks, such as the Serengeti.  There are many complications with situations like these in Tanzania.  Times are very tough.  Most people live hand-to-mouth, they bring in money today to last for a couple days.  There is no such thing as a bank account for the majority of people.  This quickly leads to food deprivation.


It seems the picture of the Covid-19 molecule is everywhere.  The virus has been awful for many in our country.  Life in Tanzania looks different.  When hunting on the internet to find out what’s happening, the number of confirmed cases is in the hundreds.  But it also states all are hospitalized.  It would be realistic to believe more cases are in the communities.  Social distancing is not recommended because it is known that people need people and without each other there would be death from starvation.  The medical facilities are not equipped to handle the severe cases.  In the second largest city in the country, Arusha, there may be one hospital that has a few oxygen tanks.  Out in the villages that would be a luxury that’s unheard of.  But most people couldn’t afford to go to the hospital anyway.

Let’s pray that God in his mighty strength and power brings this virus to a halt so no man can claim victory over it; only God can be glorified in bringing it to an end. 

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