August 2020 Happenings

Classes have resumed

After a three-month suspension of classes due to Covid-19, our students returned to class July 7th.  The tailoring machines are whirring as the foot treadles are rocking back and forth and the never-ending planing continues on the carpentry side of the Next Life Foundation site.   It was exciting to have staff and students together again.  Unfortunately, there were students who dropped out; some needing to find work to support their families after all the devastation from the floods, some got married and others just could not be located.  We continue to pray for these young people knowing that life is difficult and God has a plan for them.

Assistance completed

     The devastating flooding that washed away belongings and homes in April left a scar on many families in the Mbuguni, Tanzania area.  Many of our students were impacted and those who weren’t did a great job assisting with cleanup and rebuilding.  Due to the generosity of so many of Next Life supporters we were able to get food to all our current and past students when people were not able to get “out” to work due to high water.  After our students and their families were taken care of, the village leaders of four different communities were given food to assist the neediest in their areas.  God worked through Next Life Foundation to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the crisis situation.

Once the water receded and the folks could get back to work, NLF President, Laurence, and Director, Mary, realized some people were struggling in their living conditions because their homes had been washed away.  They evaluated the most disheartening situations and we were able to build four homes, supply materials for another, plus a church, a village office and for a toilet.  Wow!  Does God know when to show up and reveal His caring heart, or what?  None of this could have happened without your prayers, caring hearts and wallets.  The people in the area could see Christ in the dollars you sent which turned into hope for their lives.  Praise God for His faithful followers.

Annual Banquet

We’d be honored if you’d join us Thursday, September 10th for our annual Next Life Foundation Banquet.  We’ll celebrate all God has done for us and through us at the lodge at Gull Point State Park on beautiful West Lake Okoboji.  There will be plenty of fresh air and space. 

Social Time       6:00 – 6:30

Dinner               6:30 – 7:15

Program            7:15 – 8:00

Please RSVP how many will attend to:       or Text (712)330-7031

to help us know how much food we will need.

Sponsor a Student

For two dollars a day you can sponsor a student at Next Life Foundation.  This gives a young person in the Mbuguni, Tanzania area an opportunity to learn a life skill that can support their family.  Family could include mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.  Students also get to learn about Jesus with a local pastor through devotions and praises each week.  Many people in this area have no skills, no education only hopelessness.  Next Life Foundation provides the hope of Jesus through vocational training in this Islamic dominated area.

We realized not all our students even had food every day so we provide lunch every day they are in class.  Would you be willing to sacrifice a little to provide LIFE for a young person on the other side of the world?

PRAY —  

  • for our students to know Christ as their personal Savior   
  • for perseverance in their faith                                                  
  • for our staff and Boards to have wisdom, discernment & understanding                                                                          

GIVE —      

  • sponsor a student $60/month 
  • donate monthly      
  • one-time donation                                                                

Go to the DONATE page to share in this ministry with us

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