May 2021

New Campus Moves Along

March 2021

God has provided, in His steadfast manner, and work has progressed steadily at our new campus despite the rainy season.   This week the trusses are going up on the classroom building.

The underground septic and drainage for the restroom is complete along with the exterior of the building.  Next will be the inside finishing, doors, and windows.


Thanks to all who have donated above and beyond their usual contributions to make this a reality.  If funds continue to come in, we will proceed with an open-air classroom/shed for the carpentry students or begin drilling a well, depending on the finances we have secured.  Hakuna matata (no worries), God is in charge of this project.

Rainy Season

     The rainy season is expected every year in Tanzania.  Usually from March to May.  There have been years of no rain during this time and other years, like last year, where it started raining in August and continued through May.  The last weekend in April brought very heavy rain.  So, with the rain came flooding again in the Mbuguni area.

Crops have been decimated, roads were closed and life continues to be extremely difficult in northern Tanzania.  A number of our students had trouble getting to classes.  Mary, our director, could not get out to Mbuguni from Arusha, the city that’s about an hour away.  The many homes that were damaged last year from the floods were mutilated even further.  The homes that are made of mud and sticks are likely no longer inhabitable.  We continue to try to find an organization or someone that can fund and build stable homes for these people.

New President in Tanzania

The middle of March President John Magufuli passed away and Vice President  Samia Suluhu became the new president.  It brings a lot of unknowns when a new leader takes control in Tanzania.  We pray that she will be friendly to Christians and Christian organizations in the country and that her policies and actions will honor our God.


Do you wonder what is happening with the coronavirus on the other side of the globe?  Well, as you may recall, Laurence, our co-founder of Next Life Foundation, suffered from the virus about a year ago.  He has recovered completely with no ill effects.

Many people in Tanzania suffer from HIV, tuberculosis, untreated blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  (The healthcare system has a lot of room for improvement.  There are not many similarities to the healthcare we are familiar with.)  This population of patients are at higher risk for mortality from Covid-19.

In March and April 2020 there were many deaths.  The government trucks that carried away the deceased were constantly traveling down the roads of Arusha. 

In May, 2020 President Magufuli tested non-human samples, including papaya and goat.  Because of the positive test results that prevailed, the president refused to do any further testing and reporting to the World Health Organization.  In June, after three

days of national prayer, he announced to the citizens that coronavirus was no longer in the country which lifted the fear from the people and they went about their daily lives as usual. 

Since President Suluhu was sworn into office she set up a commission to look at measures to stop the spread of the virus.  There are now requirements on travelers entering the country to show a negative Covid test, enhanced screening and mitigation measures.

  Needy Student Fund

Our vocational students are some of the neediest of the needy in the area they live.  They come individually to Mary, our director, asking for very basic needs.  We’ve set up a “needy student fund” to help them.  Some of these young people live with family members other than their parents and are not provided food, soap and other items we take for granted.  Some are in need of underwear, shoes, and other necessities they cannot make in class.  Easter weekend all students were given vegetables, rice, cooking oil, salt and soap.  They all had a meal together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and God was given all the glory.  We received videos of prayers and songs of praise.

PRAY —                                                                                                                         

-for the safety of our students as they walk, many for long distances, to and from school                                     

-for our students to know Christ as their personal Savior                                                                                        

-for perseverance in their faith                                                                   

-for our staff and Boards to have wisdom, discernment, understanding & a closer walk with Christ                                                                        

GIVE —                                                                                                                          

-sponsor a student $60/month                                                            

-donate monthly                                                                                             

-one-time donation

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