Transformations at Next Life

Landscape is Changing

Construction at Next Life Foundation continues due to our faithful God and our donor generosity.  Currently, the carpentry building is being built.  It won’t be long and our woodworking pupils will be moving into this structure.

There was great joy the end of July when we moved from our old site, with its oppressive landlord, to our new site. 

This picture shows our staff and students in front of the tailoring class building.

September 11th the community, village leaders and many local pastors were invited to a day of praying and committing our land, buildings and everything that takes place at Next Life in Mbuguni, Tanzania to our mighty and steadfast God.  God has been so faithful in guiding NLF and showing His goodness.

Students are So Thankful

Many of our students have written notes thanking you, our donors, for changing their lives by giving them an opportunity to learn a trade and all the other benefits they receive at Next Life.

“My name is Grace Mathayo.  I’m doing well and I am happy that we moved to a new compound.  I love Next Life.  Every day I praying for Next Life.  Thank you for all support.  God Bless Next Life.”

“I am Saraphina Vicent.  Firstly, I would like to give thanks to almighty God for the Next Life Foundation to have the new buildings.  Also, I would kindly like to thank Mary for being close to us, especially girls, she cares and treat us like one of hers and also my sincere appreciation goes to Next Life board, Mama Patti, Laurence and USA Board for caring for us.  All thinks to our God.”

Mary is our director who oversees day to day operations of our school.  She prays with the students when they arrive at class each day and before they head home again.  Students also go to Mary if they have personal issues.  She always goes above and beyond for our pupils.

Short Term Mission Trip

The December/January Mission trip to Mbuguni has been postponed to May.  There were many different issues with those interested in traveling; health concerns, passport problems, etc so we’ve rescheduled the trip to May 7 – 18.  Are you interested in joining this group?  Contact Patti at

Gift Giving

The CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act passed by congress March 2020 was carried over to 2021.  The $300 federal charitable deduction has been extended for single filers who do not itemize and increased to $600 for married couples filing jointly who do not itemize.  Now is a good time to consider where your end of the year donations should be given.  Next Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity, an IRS qualified organization.   Almost every dollar we receive is sent to NLF Tanzania.  Administrative costs of our organization are paid by our generous U.S. board members.  The bank fees for wiring money to Tanzania are basically the only donor monies used for expenses.  

We need to meet the budget of the school each month plus the next building project at our site is to build the perimeter security wall around the property.  This project is estimated to cost $41,000.

Consider giving to Next Life Foundation in honor of a family member or a special friend.  Do you have a loved one you would like to give in memory?  We feel privileged to receive gifts in your loved one’s name.

True Tailors

Our tailoring students are really excelling.  Remember, they don’t use patterns or pins.  They draw on the fabric with chalk, cut out what they’re going to sew and then just hold it together with their hands.  Many of them have accomplished creating sports coats!

Everyone is reviewing what they have learned the past 22 months to make sure they are all proficient in their skills.

Prayer Requests —

  • Students to know Christ and find purpose in Him
  • Carpentry graduates that are trying to start a collaborative business
  • The future of our tailoring students who will be graduating soon
  • The future NLF students beginning in the near future
  • Safety for the students and staff as they travel to and from school
  • The faith of our Boards and staff, and their discernment

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