Carpentry Classes and A New School

The immediate success of the Next Life tailoring class led the Tanzanian Board of Directors to look for additional opportunities for classes. They wanted to provide vocational training for young men from the villages to go along with the courses for young women.

The initial idea was to establish a course in carpentry for young men. If that were to be the next class offered by NLF, it would present some very interesting problem. First, the cost of the equipment and materials would be much greater than the costs that had been incurred in the tailoring classes. The second and larger problem was that our carefully prepared school did not have adequate space to house the proposed carpentry class.

There was money available to cover some of the start-up costs so the hunt for a new school building began. Once again, a larger property in need of improvements was located and the improvements again resulted in a three year lease for the school.

With remodeling completed and the equipment moved the tailoring class moved to their new class room and recruiting began for the carpentry class. Tools and materials were purchased and a highly qualified instructor was hired. Next Life Foundation began its second course with ten students, several months earlier than our wildest dream when the school first opened.

God has blessed the school in ways that are beyond our human hopes. We are now in a position to expand further, develop business courses to help utilize the other skills being taught, and simply to make the lives of the students come alive with hope they have never known before.