Carpentry Graduates

2021 Graduates

Three hours on his bicycle is what 14 year old Godlisten travels one way to come to carpentry class each day! His father had been inquiring about how he could help his five children (2 sons & 3 daughters) when a friend in Mbuguni told him about our vocational training. Godlisten is excited about learning carpentry despite the splinters in his hands and the callouses that are appearing. He looks forward to going back to his village and opening a workshop upon completion of his training. Godlisten completed Standard 7 at Olbili Primary School

16 year old Kelvin is the oldest of 4 children and lives with both his parents in Kikweletwa.   His great uncle told him about Next Life Foundation.  He really enjoyed tearing out the ceiling in the office and replacing it but he also likes building cabinets and chairs.  He would also like to learn more about building houses (masonry). After graduation Kelvin would like to own his own shop.

2019 Graduates

Bakari finished standard seven schooling in Mbuguni. He is 18 years old and has lived in Mbuguni since birth. He is another victim of the poor education system in the rural areas of Tanzania. He lives with his mother only, because his father abandoned them for another woman. He had no plans for anything. He was unemployed & idle until he learned about NLF. He likes his course of carpentry and he believes when he finishes he will secure a good job, hence support his younger three siblings and his mom who has a small business of buying and selling vegetables.

Salmini is a 15 years old born in Kikuletwa, a village boardering Mbuguni. He finished standard seven (equivalent to 7th grade in the U.S.) in school but his scores were not high enough to advance to secondary school. He had an option of private secondary school but his family was financially incapable of sending him. He had no plans after finishing school until he found out about Next Life Foundation. He likes his carpentry course and he would like to someday own his own shop. His mother currently supports him, his brother and his sister, who are unskilled and unemployed. His goal is to be the bread winner for his family.

Kelvin is 16 years of age, was born and lives in Mbuguni. He finished standard seven schooling but his scores were not enough to send him to secondary school. He was unable to proceed with secondary school because his family was not able to afford the school fees. His parents are separated so he lives with his mother. He is fond of this new skill he’s learning but would also like to learn welding and masonry. His dream is to start his own business and support his family of three.

Erick is 19 years old and lives in Kikwaletwa, a village next to Mbuguni.  Some of the early carpentry students told Erick about Next Life Foundation and he joined the NLF family.  He was involved in building a house for a local family and learned a lot about masonry but enjoys carpentry more.  Someday he would like to work for a large carpentry business and learn how to use power tools.

Dominik is 16 years old and is from Kikuletwa, a village right next to Mbuguni. He attended Tanzanite Primary School through Standard 7 (comparable to 7th grade). His farming family of six, three boys, one girl and both parents, did not have the financial resources to allow him to continue on to secondary school. Dominik is looking forward to learning carpentry but would like to learn a complimentary vocation to go along with this skill if possible.

16 yr old Iddi likes to talk, tell stories and laugh! His parents separated when he was quite young. So, he grew up with his mom and three sisters. A good sense of humor is needed as the only male in a home filled with girls! If a story or joke needs to lighten the mood, Iddi is your man! He likes the carpentry class a lot!

17 year old Godlisten comes from the village of Valeska. It is an hour walk to class but if he’s fortunate enough to be able to ride a bicycle it only takes one-half hour. He comes from a family of seven. His parents run a small farm, which is probably less than an acre in size. He is most interested in learning how to make tables and couches. Godlisten would also like to learn how to do welding. Before he strikes out on his own he’d like to work under a Fundi (expert craftsman) to get more experience.

18 year old Boniface likes building the big hutch buffet type cabinets.  He would also like to learn more about masonry.  His goal is to someday open his own shop.  Being the youngest of 7 children in his family, he may be able to recruit some of his siblings to help him out in his shop!  His half hour walk to school gives him time to dream about his future.

After his hour long walk to get to NLF site for school each day from his home in Kiweletwa, 21 year old Shafii is anxious to learn new skills.  He has known about Next Life since we were at our first site and was excited when Carpentry was added.  Shafii was part of the group that helped build a home in Mbuguni and appreciated learning masonry skills but his favorite experience has been building beds.

Kelvin is 16 years old and lives in Mbuguni with his mom and 3 younger siblings.  His favorite thing to build is the big hutch buffet type cabinets.  He looks forward to perfecting his skills at making beds also.  If he could build something for anyone in the world he would build something for his mother. In the future Kelvin would like to do both carpentry and masonry.