Effects of Covid-19

Our world has changed a lot in the past few weeks with the Covid-19 virus affecting almost every corner of the globe.  Many in the United States are without work or childcare, and a lot of time on their hands.  I pray that there’s a great deal of soul searching going on, with hearts and minds turning to Jesus.  I know I’m spending more time with Christ than I normally do.  I’m realizing how many idols I put in God’s place, how I slack on observing the Sabbath and so many other commandments I’m breaking because I’m “in the world” instead of “in the Word” where I should be.  We’re dealing with a number of inconveniences in the States with the “lock-down” rules, but for the most part we will survive this social distancing…uncomfortably.

Have you thought about how our neighbors in developing countries are doing in their lock-down?  In Tanzania very, very few people have a bank account or any savings; they live hand to mouth.  In the northern part of Tanzania, the economy depends on international tourism due to the national wildlife parks, e.g. the Serengeti, and Mt Kilimanjaro.  That whole industry is shutdown leaving thousands without work.  Out in the villages many live without electricity or clean running water.  As they socially isolate, they have no means to buy or sell.  They have no means to buy food or store food.  In many areas the ground is not suitable for growing produce so in these desperate times there is nothing to eat.  Many children attend boarding schools but those are all closed which means young girls who are now home are likely to be sold as child brides to put food in empty stomachs.  It is a crisis! 

Please remember these people in your prayers.  Next Life Foundation is trying to get food to our students, their families and out to the more desperate villages.  If you would like to help us, your generosity would be greatly appreciated.

God have mercy on us all,


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