Message from the Founders

God chose to pair two vastly unique individuals from vastly different cultures from opposite sides of the world to create Next Life Foundation. Together they saw a vision of helping Tanzanian youth trapped in a world of poverty by providing hope for their future through technical education. Even more important, NLF provides the opportunity to bring Christ into their lives. Please meet the founders of Next Life in the videos below.

Learn how Patti and Laurence’s chance meeting was orchestrated by God and how their callings simply blended from that first meeting. Next Life Foundation sprang from Laurence’s sharing of a dream for his people and grew from Patti’s positive response to God’s unlikely call. Listen as Patti and Laurence share the story with you.

Providing not only useable life skills for young Tanzanians but also providing for opportunities to utilize those skills is a huge task. The Tanzania Board of Directors has done an incredible job of providing the facilities for the school, the staff to manage and teach the students, the curriculum and a warm welcoming environment all bathed in a gentle Christian atmosphere. Next Life Foundation America offers gentle guidance and the financial support that makes this all a possibility. The vision is huge and is limited only by the funding that is made available. Would you consider becoming a supporter of NLF through your prayers and financial gifts? To learn more about the full story of Next Life’s vocational education program, please click “Our Story.” We welcome you as a part of the NLF ministry partnership.

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