If you would like to become personally involved with one of our students, we are in the process of pairing a sponsor with each student. A sponsorship is a monthly donation of sixty dollars which covers the costs of the teaching staff, equipment needed for the skill being taught, and the materials used in the training. We encourage our students to build a relationship with their sponsor, but communication is difficult because of the quality of available technology, inability to handle any cost of communication, and in many cases a dramatic language barrier.

The training staff will provide needed assistance for each student to be in contact with their sponsors. It is hoped that each sponsorship pair can establish a meaningful long distance relationship. Courses vary from twenty-four to forty-eight months but they can start at any point during the course or be discontinued at any time in case your financial situation changes.

We appreciate the financial help that makes this education possible, but we cherish the sponsorship relationships that show our students that someone who doesn’t know them personally truly cares about them. Demonstrating Christ to these young African students is a foundation stone of our purpose in Tanzania.

To establish a sponsorship relationship, click the links under Student Profiles and select your student. Then, make sure to send a message along with your donation specifying who you’d like to sponsor. You will be contacted by email with more detailed information about your student. Thank you for considering this opportunity to change the life of one of these young people.

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