Carpentry Students

17 year old Emanueli Bonifac catches a bus each day to Next Life all the way from Mererani. He is the oldest of six children. He walked by our old campus one day and decided to inquire about our school. in his free time he likes to relax but also enjoys cooking. His favor dish to cook and also eat is ugali, a popular traditional dish consisting of corn meal and water. Emanueli really enjoys the work in carpentry he’s doing at Next Life

Zakayo Exaudi is 16 years old and from the Mbuguni area but he walks 2 hours to get to class each day; he lives on the opposite side of Mbuguni! He’s loving everything about Next Live Foundation and when he learns the carpentry skill better, he’d like to build a shoe stand for his father. When Zakayo has some free time, which isn’t often since he is the oldest of 6 children in his family, he really likes playing soccer.

17 year old, Aron Aminieli, also lives on the opposite side of Mbuguni, a 2 hr walk away. But he has the advantage of catching a bus to NLF classes if he wants. He is the second born of six kids living with their mom who does casual labor, which means she picks up daily jobs when available. Aron’s favorite chore is taking care of his grandmother’s goat. He says, with a smile on his face, among his fellow carpentry students, he’s the best soccer player.