Carpentry Students


Three hours on his bicycle is what 14 year old Godlisten Alfayo travels one way to come to carpentry class each day! His father had been inquiring about how he could help his five children (2 sons & 3 daughters) when a friend in Mbuguni told him about our vocational training. Godlisten is excited about learning carpentry despite the splinters in his hands and the callouses that are appearing. He looks forward to going back to his village and opening a workshop upon completion of his training. Godlisten completed Standard 7 at Olbili Primary School.

16 year old Kelvin Sangito is the oldest of 4 children and lives with both his parents in Kikweletwa.   His great uncle told him about Next Life Foundation.  He really enjoyed tearing out the ceiling in the office and replacing it but he also likes building cabinets and chairs.  He would also like to learn more about building houses (masonry). After graduation Kelvin would like to own his own shop.