Tailoring Students

15 year old Joani lives alone with her grandmother. She learned about Next Life from a friend of her grandma’s. She thinks it’s worth the two hour walk to come to tailoring class because she’d like to make a beautiful dress for her grandmother. She enjoys helping around the house with the daily chores.

Ester W is 16 years old, has 2 brothers, a sister and both parents. She says it’s a short walk to come to class; only one hour. She saw kids coming to NLF and inquired about it. Now, she’s looking forward to making a dress for Patti.

Vaylet walks 2 hours to get to class each day. She is 17 years old and has a 12 year old brother. They live with their great aunt and don’t know their parents. When she has her tailoring skills honed, she’d like to make a dark blue suit for her brother.

14 year old, Ester J, is the second born in her family of eight. Her favorite chores are washing dishes and cleaning the floors. Her favorite foods are Ugali (a stiff porridge of cornmeal and boiling water) and vegetables. She’s looking forward to making something special for her father.

If Eriki had one million shillings (about $433 USD) he would buy fabric and things for his family. This 16 year old lives with his 3 siblings and parents about one hour walk away from the Next Life Foundation campus. He is looking forward to learning to make shirts and trousers.

Colins is 14 years old and lives with his two siblings and parents. He completed Standard 7 in school, which is similar to 7th grade. At that point his family couldn’t afford further schooling like most families in this part of Tanzania. He claims to be a good cook and a lover of any, and all, food. If he had the opportunity he would make Patti and Laurence cooked bananas.

15 year old, Elisha, is the oldest of four children living with their parents. When he has free time he enjoys working in the garden. His favorite animals are cows, goats and dogs. He’s looking forward to learning the tailoring trade.

Asha is 21 years old and the fourth child of six kids in the family. She has never met her father. She walks 3 hours to get to Next Life each morning. Before being accepted into the tailoring program she was doing some farm work. If Asha had 1,000,000 tsh (about $430 usd) she would buy a bed and mattress for her mom because she sleeps on the floor. (We’ll have to see what our carpentry students can do for her.)

The village chairman told Caroline about Next Life so now she makes the 1 hour walk each morning to learn the tailoring trade. She has one younger sibling and lives with her parents. She went to school through Standard 7, similar to 7th grade, and enjoyed science the most. She’s excited to make a mid-length, multi-colored dress.

15 year old, Diana, seems to always have a smile on her face. She is the second child of four living with their parents about an hour and a half walk from Next Life campus. The walk is easier to endure since she makes it with her sister, Dorcassy. Diana’s favorite subjects in school were Mathematics and English, although she wasn’t willing to try a conversation in English.

Dorcassy is Diana’s 17 year old sister. Their parents do farming, all manual labor, when it’s available. Dorcassy has also been doing casual labor since she finished Standard 7 (similar to 7th grade). If she was given one million Tanzanian shillings, about $430 usd, she would buy a tailoring machine.

Beautiful sisters!

18 year old, Enock, is looking forward to making a suit for himself and others. He didn’t know about NLF until he saw all the commotion of moving all the equipment and stuff from our last site to our new, current, campus. That’s when he started asking questions and now he’s one of our treasured students.

Getruda is 14 years old and the 4th child of seven kids with a widowed mother. Her favorite food is pilau, rice with vegetables, and her favorite color is blue. She says if she was given a lot of money she would buy cows and a big house.

Sophia is the oldest child in her family at 14 years old and walks one hour to get to Next Life class each morning. She really enjoys teaching her younger siblings so she’ll probably be passing on the art of tailoring as she learns it. Her mom will benefit from her skills since Sophia is anxious to make her a gown.

There are four kids in 16 year old Magreth‘s family but she doesn’t know where her mom and siblings are. They left her with her grandma many years ago. Her father has passed away so she’s very thankful for Grandma. If she could sew anything for anybody she states she would make a red gown for Patti! With that goal in mind, it makes the hour and a half walk to class easier.

Hawa is 14 years old and lives with her three siblings and mother. Her father was working in the nearby Tanzanite mines and never came home so they assume he lost his life in the mines. Hawa walks each day about one hour to get to class each day. When asked about something silly she has done, she stated she gazed right into her mother eyes in hopes she wouldn’t get in trouble. Hawa claims it worked.

13 year old Samweli has an entrepreneurial spirit. If he were given a lot of money he would start a business in tailoring and/or minerals. He claims to be a good cook also, frequently cooking for his younger sibling and mother.

Irene is 15 years old and very close to her younger brother. They often are put in charge of watching over the kettle. She enjoys cooking with her favorite dishes being makande (beans & corn dish), ugali (stiff porridge of corn meal & boiled water), and vegetables. Irene is anxious to make a pair of pants for her brother.

17 year old Einoti is the second child in the family along with her twin brother. She lives a four hour walk away from the NLF campus but if she leaves home at 5am and runs most of the way she can be to class by 8am! She’s determined to make a dress for herself of her own design.

Three hours is what Wariatikisi, 15 years old, walks to get to class each morning. She loves eating mnafu, a green leafy vegetable, which probably gives her the energy she needs to walk that long distance. If you meet her along the road you may hear her singing. She enjoys singing in the church choir and her favorite song is “The Lord is My Pastor”.

16 year old Emmanuel L enjoys dancing and singing, although he states he can’t carry a tune. He is a great cook, however, and claims he can make anything and loves to eat everything. Another pastime he enjoys is soccer. It won’t be long and tailoring will be added to his list of favorite activities.

Lusiana is 16 years old and walks 2&1/2 hours to class each day. She learned about Next Life from her cousin, Philipo, a 2021 tailoring graduate. Her favorite thing about Next Life is “the love and the worship” at our school. She would like to someday make a red dress for Patti! When she completes her training at NLF she would like to have her own shop where she does both tailoring and hair.

Emanueli J is 14 years old and thoroughly enjoys life when he can make his mom happy. He tries to do all the chores he is asked to do. Emanueli really likes cooking, especially ugali (stiff porridge of corn meal and boiling water). This is also his favorite food to eat. He is the middle child of three kids living with both parents.

Brayton is 15 years old, living at home with one other sibling and their parents. Their family does casual labor work; farming, cultivating, etc. (all hand/ manual labor). Brayton also helps in the fields when he has the opportunity. He is anxious to learn how to make dresses so he can make a beautiful one for his 5 year old sister.

Lea, 16 years old, is the middle child of six children. Her favorite chores are washing dishes and cleaning house. She loves to dance and sing but she says you won’t hear her singing if you walk by her because she sings softly. She’s looking forward to sewing gowns for her younger siblings.

13 year old, Rakia, is the oldest of four children. She enjoys doing dishes, cleaning house and cooking. Her favorite dishes to make are rice and ugali (stiff porridge of corn meal and boiling water). But her preferred food to eat is chapati (unleavened flatbread). Some day Rakia would like to write a storybook; she loves reading.

One thought on “Tailoring Students

  1. Steve and I will sponsor Sophia.

    I’m going to find it easy to love and pray for Sophia.
    My first grandchild is Zofiana who is also 14 years old and the oldest sibling. Because Sophia loves her siblings and may teach them this skill, I was touched by her story. I am encouraged to think that she will pass this skill on and help her siblings with their future as well!
    I could see that she loves her mother very much because she wants to make her mother a gown!
    I will pray for her To grow spiritually to to know and love Jesus Christ.
    May she be blessed to have success as a tailoring suit student.
    May she fulfill and follow the plan God has for her life.
    May God watch over her and take care of her all the days of her life.


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