Tailoring Students

17 year old Noela Emanuely walks about 20 minutes to class each day from Migungani. Her father saw NLF and talked to our director, Mary, to learn that Noela could be a candidate for admission. Her favorite thing about tailoring is making all kinds of different clothing. Her parents raise chickens to support Noela and her four siblings. Someday she would like to have a tailoring business in her home.

Glory Samuel walks about 45 minutes to get to class each day. At 17 years old she is the middle child of three. She’s especially excited to learn the design end of the tailoring trade. Her favorite pastime is singing.

It takes an hour and a half for 14 year old Philipo Daudi to walk to class from his home in Shambarai. Being the second oldest of five children he had a lot of responsibilities helping his mother with their farming (maybe about an acre of land). When asked if he could make something for anyone in the world who would he sew for, he stated he would make a suit for a person serving God.

It’s an early morning for 18 year old Obed Elibariki when he comes to class at NLF. He leaves home in Shambarai at 5:30am for the 8am class. He heard about our training school from 2020 graduate, Theresia. After completing his schooling he thinks he’d like to go to Arusha to use his skills.

When Isaka Elibariki, 15 years old, was young he became very ill, to the point that he had to drop out of school. He was only able to finish Standard 4 (equivalent to 4th grade). He looks forward to being able to make clothes for the poor. He is the younger brother of Obed.

Walking by the Next Life Foundation site peaked Grace Ezekiel’s curiosity about what was going on behind our gate!  That’s how she came to be a tailoring student; her father came and talked to the staff to see about her enrollment. Grace lives about an hour walk away from the NLF school.  She would like to learn more about the business end of tailoring and then someday teach the skill of sewing.

Neema Jonas, 19, is the second born of six children living with her parents. She walks each day from Shambarai which takes her an hour and a half each way. She would like to make a gown one day for her mom. Her favorite pastime is singing.

A neighbor of Next Life was in Florah Abraham‘s neighborhood and told her about our vocational training center. 14 year old Florah thought it was worth the two plus hour walk to join our “family”. She comes from a large family if 9 children. Her father went to work in the tanzanite mines but never returned home which is a difficult reality for her and her family. Florah enjoys singing in the church choir.

Sarah Vincent is 13 years old and walks over 2 hours from Makiba to get to class. She lives with a younger brother and sister and both parents. Her favorite food is rice. She enjoys cooking and claims she’ll make a meal for us! She’s looking forward to making a pink gown for herself.

Salome Jackson, 16, lives with her mother, Grandma and four siblings in Shambarai where they do some farming ( probably an acre or less). It’s an hour walk to NLF each morning. Her uncle in Shambarai heard about Next Life and Grandma made the connection so she could attend classes. In her spare time she enjoys working out.

Joyce Jonas, 15, lives next door to Next Life Foundation with her great aunt. Both her parents and her siblings are deceased. She has loved watching all the activity going on at our site and is excited to be a part of it and learn tailoring. Her favorite food is rice and her favorite activity is sleeping.

Selina Muhe is a quiet, self assured 18 year old from Manyara. She’s been living with her sister in Mbuguni and her sister told her about Next Life. She loves to sing so she’ll probably be singing as she sews all kinds of men’s and women’s clothing.

A friend of 14 year old Isaka Gabriel‘s walked by Next Life Foundation and told him about us. That’s how he came to apply for admission to our tailoring program. It is well worth his hour long walk from Shambarai to learn this new skill. He hopes to some day make a black suit for his teacher. He is the second born of five children who live with their parents. He enjoys reading, especially fictional tales.

If 20 year old Mary Francis could make anything for anybody she’d make a dress for her bibi (grandma). That’s who she lives with along with her younger sister. Her mother and 3 other siblings are scattered around the country. She traveled to the coast to help her great aunt for a few months but did not like the hot, hot environment. She likes to listen to music and admits she dances a little.

Musa Issa travels all the way from Mererani to learn tailoring. If he’s fortunate to scrounge together bus fare (1,000 tsh = $0.43 round trip) he doesn’t have to make the 4 hour walk each way for class. He is the second child of five in the family. His father does some farming (probably less than an acre) and his mother has a small business (maybe buying and selling fruits or vegetables in the market). He’s looking forward to making men’s and women’s clothing. After graduation he’d like to move out of the area.

23 year old Neema Elivehema grew up in Moshi and went to school through Form 4 (equivalent to 11th grade). She has not been able to find employment since 2014 when she finished school. She moved to Mbuguni with her grandma and is now looking forward to becoming a designer some day. In her free time she likes to work out, sing and read her Bible.

A gown for her younger cousin, Agape, is what Queen Elivehema is aspiring to sew. She is the youngest of seven children and walks about 25 minutes to class from Kambi Ya Tanga. Our student, Nancy, is from the same village and told Queen about the tailoring program. She finished Standard 7 in school and her favorite subject was science.

If you stop in at 17 year old Fatuma Hassan‘s home in Mbuguni you’ll probably find her in the kitchen. She enjoys cooking and frequently practices her skill for her family. Her favorite food to eat is ugali, a traditional Tanzanian dish made from corn flour and water. Fatuma grew up in the Singida area with her mother but moved to Mbuguni to live with her dad and step mom after finishing Standard 7 (7th grade). She’s excited to learn how to sew clothing.

Gracie Mathayo, 14, claims her parents are very old! She is the youngest of seven children and her older brother suports the family through farming (probably an acre or less). Her favorite activity is a type of tag that is played with a ball of socks. One person stands in the middle of the circle and tries to keep from being hit by the “ball”. She would like to make a suit for her father and a dress for her mother. Of all the students interviewed she was the only one to ask the interviewers a question when invited.

Amon Philipo, 14, is the oldest of four children. They all live in Shambarai with their parents who buy fruits and sell them at the market. He wakes up at 4am, has tea, then sets off for 8:00 classes at NLF. He has three younger brothers he would like to make suits for when he masters the tailoring skills

15 year old Vanessa Jackson also walks an hour from Shambarai each morning. Her aunt who lives in Mbuguni told her about Next Life Foundation. She is the oldest of three children living with both parents. Her father drives a motorcycle taxi to support the family. She would like to make a green gown for her mother as her tailoring skills are honed.

Haroni Eliphas is 15 years old and lives with his grandma in Shambarai. It takes him two to two and a half hours to walk to Next Life. He’s looking forward to the day he can make a dress and scarf for his grandma. He likes to eat ugali (a traditional Tanzanian dish made with corn flour and water), rice and beef but claims he’s not a good cook. He enjoys sweeping and cleaning up the environment.

Pastor Elia, who visits Next Life Foundation each week for devotions, was the one who told Prisca Fredy about our tailoring program. She is 17 years old, the second of five children and lost her father January 2020. It takes her an hour and a half to walk to class from Migungani. Her favorite household chores are washing dishes and laundry. If she could tailor anything for anybody, she would make a gown for Patti!

15 year old Editha Joshua is staying with her aunt in Mbuguni while attending Next Life’s tailoring program. She is from the village of Kwa Ugoro which is over an hour drive away but her aunt told her about our program and she was very interested in. When she gets proficient at her skills as a seamstress she looks forward to making a gown for her mother. She enjoys the household chores of dish washing and laundry which will be a great benefit to her aunt and two cousins.

Zahara Peter is the oldest of two children from Kambi Ya Tanga. It takes an hour to walk to class each day. She completed Standard 7 in school and her favorite subjects were English and Geography. In her free time she enjoys reading. Zahara is looking forward to learning how to sew a skirt.

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