Sharing The Gospel

The religious breakdown of Tanzania is questionable since the government discontinued the collection of statistics in 1967. Unofficial estimates consider the Christian and Muslim religion to each be approximately 40% of the population while the other 20% is made up of many other traditional and foreign religions. More official estimates place Christians at 61% with most of the balance made up of Muslims.

The village of Mbuguni reflects a different religious make up. Only about 20% of the villagers are considered Christians while most of the rest of the people lean toward the Muslim faith. The lower percentage of Christians requires a gentle ministry approach as we seek to serve as many young adults of different faiths as possible in the hopes of winning some for Christ in this poverty stricken part of the world.

Next Life Foundation is first and foremost a ministry to share the Gospel of Christ with the world through a single Tanzanian village one person at a time. The chosen tool for this purpose is vocational education to affect society while providing the Gospel as the continuing motivation and purpose for the ministry. The school becomes the initial tool for economic change as the mission demonstrates the love of God, first through the ministry of improved lives and then in the resultant opportunity of sharing Christ.