They Need You!

Much has been accomplished in the unfolding of God’s plan for his children in Mbuguni. It has been accomplished by a most unlikely paring of two people from two distant nations. Compared to the vast population and needs of the world, this ministry seems so small and, to some, undoubtedly insignificant. But God most often advances His Kingdom over time in tiny pieces, each contributing to His earthly Kingdom.

NLF is such a tiny part of God’s plan but is of utmost significance in the scope of His worldwide mission. Next Life Foundation is called to provide resources from around the world as He reveals His love for the people of Tanzania. We are totally dependent upon God for this provision and He chooses to use people like you for that purpose. As the Board, we are called only to ask. As we do, are you being called to give?

Because today NLF – Tanzania is only a small ministry but one with a large vision for the future, we choose to ask many thousands of you to partner with us by providing only for a small gift from the abundance that God has given to you. We ask a one-time gift or, if so moved, a monthly partnership gift. Many of us giving a little over the years can change the destiny of the people of Tanzania. More important, this effort can also make an eternal difference in lives in this African nation as the good news of Jesus Christ is shared and spreads among His children.

Here is a “Thank You” from Laurence on behalf of his people.

Please Join Us as Fools for Jesus Christ.
Help Us Change the World!