November 2020 Newsletter


 We have an amazing group of students.  Our staff sent us pictures of many of these young people with statements they wrote as to what Next Life Foundation means to them.  It was an affirmation that we are serving in God’s will and in an area and population that is in great need.  We want to share just a couple of these notes with you.

Fatuma has grown up in the Islamic faith.  She states that besides the skills she’s learning for her future, NLF is helping her become aware of the obstacles in the environment she lives in.  Is the Holy Spirit tapping on her heart?

Zahara expresses that she was at a point of desperation and no longer wishing to live until she found Next Life Foundation.  God is showing her that she has purpose and is a child of God.

Pastor Elia does a great job in Bible study with the students each week and our staff lives as disciples of Christ.

Would you be interested in sponsoring one of the NLF youngsters?  Sponsorship involves praying for the student and financially supporting their education with $60/month.  Just knowing someone cares for them makes a huge impact.  Email Patti at or go to

Annual Banquet

The Next Life Foundation’s Annual Banquet was held September 10 at Gull Point State Park Lodge.  It was a little different this year…imagine that!  The setting was beautiful on the delightful shores of West Lake Okoboji.  What a great time it was to connect with friends and glorify God for what He has done through Next Life foundation.  We serve an absolutely good God.

Christmas Preparations

This time of year, is typically a time to begin thinking about the Christmas holiday and the gatherings we’ll have with family and friends.  Schedules have to be coordinated and a place of assembly must be determined.  (Maybe a little more challenging this year!)  As you can imagine, it’s a little different in the Mbuguni, Tanzania area.  Our students are some of the poorest of the poor in northern Tanzania.  The Next Life Board of Directors in Tanzania would like to provide food to our students and their families for their Christmas celebration.   Many of these families don’t always have adequate food each day so what a blessing to celebrate Jesus’ birth with enough food, a “feast”.  Something we often take for granted.  Would you like to give a monetary gift to help these folks in celebrating Christmas with their families…with full stomachs?

Gift Giving

Did you know that the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act passed by congress the end of March, allows taxpayers who take the standard deduction to make a $300 charitable contribution to qualified organizations?   Because Next Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity we are a qualified organization.  Imagine if each person that reads this newsletter gave a minimum of $300 today!  How would God use that money to advance His kingdom?  Almost every dollar we receive is sent to NLF Tanzania.  Administrative costs of our organization are paid by our generous U.S. board members.  The bank fees for wiring money to Tanzania are basically the only donor monies used for expenses.  

How about giving to Next Life Foundation in honor of a family member or a special friend?  Do you have a loved one you would like to give in memory?  We feel privileged to receive gifts in others name.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Plans are being made for Patti’s trip to Mbuguni in January.  As always, she can hardly wait to get there to see the students and staff, all here friends. 

There is always much to do and people to meet with.  She will be interested in visiting the different sites that were flooded in April and the families that Next Life helped with rebuilding.  Our new campus has slowly began developing so further discussion and time spent there will be good.  But mostly time spent with students and staff will be her priority.  Despite the language barrier there can be good communication.  Love transcends all languages.

Congratulations to Co-founder, Laurence Laban, for being elected as a representative of his people to the District Council of the Tanzania Government.  May God use him in a mighty way to show God’s way.

Prayer Requests—

  • Students to know Christ and find purpose in Him
  • Financial blessings to support what God has in store for Next Life
  • Holy Spirit’s leading in all NLF does
  • Safety for the students and staff as they travel to and from school
  • The faith of our Boards and staff, and their discernment

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