Flood Victims

A joy filled and emotional day.

Visits to those helped after Spring floods

Last Spring found Mbuguni and the surrounding area devastated by flooding. The generous friends of Next Life Foundation helped the staff and students get food to many families, including some of our students. Mama Linda (Blue shirt) and her handicapped children were one family who we built a new home for. Next Life staff found Mama Nicole (green shirt) living outdoors after her house was washed away by flood water. God used your funds to allow us to build a new home for her also.  We had enough money for Mama Neema (pink shirt) to receive a new house also after hers was destroyed. She is a joy filled lady who gives really good hugs. We were invited in and I was honored to pray over her and her home.

Philemon and Fiona needed a new toilet, which you’ll see on the left of the picture below. In the past few months the authorities have condemned their home (right side of picture) and require them to sleep at the village office. 

God knows their needs

In the short two weeks I’ve been in Tanzania two widows have come to Next Life asking for houses and two families have come asking for toilets to be built.  (When is the last time you thanked God for you toilet? It’s not a luxury everyone has!) There is so much legitimate need in Mbuguni for so many things but our mission is “To provide Christian and vocational training skills to the community, focusing on the unprivileged mamas and young people of Tanzania.”  When the government closed all schools due to Covid-19 we directed all our funds to help with the devastation of the flooding.  Now we’re looking to you, our supporters, to help us find an organization that we can partner with to help these friends in need.  If you are aware of a Christian mission that builds concrete block homes in East Africa please email us at nextlifefound@gmail.com.

God Bless you greatly,

Technology was not always my friend when I was in Tanzania so I’m posting this a week later than I intended.  I’m safe at home now and slept in my own bed last night!

You’re prayers mean so much to me.  The trip was very good but hard, fun but frustrating, joy filled but sad.  I was very blessed.  I can’t imagine being there without Christ. 

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