The Blessing of School at Next Life Foundation

Life is very hard for the students of Next Life Foundation.  What a blessing our young people find at our campus!  It’s a refuge of love, safety, comfort and peace.  Our director Mary visits each of our students at their home to know their struggles first hand so we can help them stay in school and encourage them individually.  Our lives in America are vastly different from how these families live.  Let’s take a glimpse at some of the accounts Mary has shared.  Praise God these young people are learning a skill and worshiping the Lord each day at school.

The stories go on and on.  Of course, each is a little different but Next Life Foundation serves the neediest of the needy.  We want our students to primarily know Christ, then to learn a skill.  What an honor that each of us gets to be a part of their story as God writes it.  We are Jesus’ hands and feet to these struggling families.  Their neighbors and the communities see Christ through the love and actions of Next Life.  You can pray for them and give financially in whatever capacity you choose.  The impact is monumental!  Everyone associated with NLF is so appreciative for what you offer.

Matching Funds Offer

We have a generous donor that is willing to donate dollar for dollar your gift up to $10,000!  Would you like your donation to be doubled?  That is what this gift will do.  If you give $500 this match gift will turn it into $1000.  If you decide to give $25 it becomes $50.  What an opportunity to bless Next Life Foundation.

There are also several students that are not sponsored.  It means a lot to these youngsters to know someone is praying for them and financially supporting their schooling.  A $60 per month investment truly changes a life.   With these matching funds, new sponsors can pay for one month and have the second month covered until the matching funds are gone. 

If you are interested in sponsorship, send an email to

The Security Wall

We have begun the perimeter security wall!  As all things in the past few years, costs have increased greatly. 

Construction looks much different in Mbuguni, and all of Tanzania, than in the U.S.

JoyUs Youth Group

The middle school youth group at Harbor of Joy Lutheran Church, JoyUs. in Milford, Iowa hosted a supper and game night to raise money for the students and their families at Next Life Foundation in Mbuguni, Tanzania.  The American students heard Patti talk about the lives of some of the students and wanted to help them with their food deprivation.  They read some articles about the East Africa drought and some of the messages that Mary sent about her home visits to understand who and why they were hosting this service project.

Prayer Requests –

  • Love for and knowledge of the Lord increases amongst all that are touched by NLF
  • Wisdom for the staff & Boards of Directors
  • Praise God for rain in Mbuguni. Now may their seeds grow bountifully
  • Adequate funding

New Transformer

January 2021 the electric company brought electricity to Next Life campus.  But immediately they said the transformer wasn’t large enough…so don’t use any electricity!  After a 15 month wait and the electric company saying they’d show up “next month”, “next week”, we finally have an electrical transformer that is appropriately sized. We can now have electricity at our site!  Praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!

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